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Paul's Duct Cleaning Services - A Healthier Home Or Office Environment

Duct cleaning service benefits
Benefits of duct cleaning (mobile)


If your allergies are starting to worsen or you’ve noticed weird smells in your home, your HVAC system is probably in need of maintenance. The system of ducts running through your home is a complex installation and the cleaning logistics are really difficult without the tools and know-how. That’s why you need us to handle the duct cleaning for you.

What the technicians will do is to locate the air handling unit, or AHU, and clean it on the inside along with all removable parts. Note that for us to perform the AHU cleaning, the unit itself has to be within reach (we don’t service units located on roofs of multiple-storey buildings). With that out of the way, we’ll move on to cleanse the ductwork in your home. Using a specialised air compressor with special attachments, the duct cleaning pros will blast the filth that’s built up in your ducts. Then with the help of an industrial vacuum, the cleaners will have the dislodged particles removed from the air vents.

The experts will take care of the hassle for you and deliver higher quality air as a result of the ventilation improvement.

Benefits of Booking Duct and AC Cleaning

  • Service unlimited in time with guaranteed results.
  • Reduce health hazards and extend the ductwork life.
  • Lower your electricity bills and be more friendly to the environment.
  • Make the air in your home feel fresh for days.

Paul’s Cleaning Handles all types of Vents

Тhere are all kinds of ducts in a modern home, and this is why we offer cleaning services tailored to each of them:

  • Extractor Cleaning – Improves the airflow and decreases fire risks
  • Heating Duct Cleaning – Your heating bills will get lighter
  • Air Conditioning Maintenance – Treatment of the entire ventilation system and refreshed air.
  • Toilet Exhaust Cleaning – Helps complete smell removal
  • Bathroom Exhaust Cleaning – Better humidity extraction and decreased risk of mould
  • Laundry Exhaust Cleaning – No more stuffy laundry rooms. Much fresher clothes.

Our Customers are saying

Paul's Cleaning Melbourne Beau Baudinet -
"We moved in a fabulous Victorian house but it needed a lot of repair-works. At the end our contractor recommended that we book duct cleaning just to be on...
stars 5
Paul's Cleaning Melbourne Archer Sanderson -
"My kid has asthma, so we are vigilant about the indoor air quality. We book duct cleaning service once or even twice a year. From all the companies we've...
stars 4
Paul's Cleaning Melbourne Flynn Flannery -
"Great results with the duct cleaning! I can literally smell the difference!"
stars 5
Paul's Cleaning Melbourne Jake Redmond -
Our ducts had been neglected for awhile. We only realised it when my wife's allergy worsened. Paul's team did an excellent job with the duct cleaning. We can...
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Paul's Cleaning Melbourne Claudia Ronald -
Nothing better than clean and fresh air at home. We had an exceptional duct cleaning by Paul's Cleaning Melbourne, and our heating system works much better...
stars 5
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