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    It is a proven fact that we spend on average a third of our lives in bed. This means that bed and mattress cleaning is essential to securing a healthier sleep and life. If the mattress isn’t cleaned regularly it will slowly, but surely, become a breeding ground for bacteria, dust mites and mould. It will lead to a troubled sleep and in some cases to serious respiratory conditions.

    To avoid all that, call Paul’s expert mattress cleaners in Melbourne. Backed by years of experience and with the help of professional cleaning agents and equipment, they’ll rid you of the stains, the bad odours and most importantly, of all health hazards. Your mattress will be washed both sides, using the hot water extraction method, which has proven itself to be most effective in removing stains and leave your mattress free of dust mites and bacteria. The deep mattress cleaning you’ll get will surely give you a much better night’s sleep.

    How will YOU benefit from our Bed and Mattress Cleaning?

    By opting to get this mattress washing service you can be sure you will get:

    • Fully sanitised mattress.
    • Improved quality of the air in your bedroom.
    • Keep yourself and your children healthy and safe.
    • Eliminating the most common triggers of respiratory problems in your household.
    • Preserving the great condition of your mattress, thus saving you money on a new one.
    • All at an affordable price!

    How exactly will the professional mattress cleaners help YOU?

    We use the hot water extraction method to give you a mattress cleaning service of astonishing quality. This is an extremely reliable technique, which eliminates stains and odours. The extraction process also completely removes bacteria, dust mites and their eggs, and all dead skin off your mattress. We will ensure a healthy and clean environment for you and your family by leaving your mattresses meticulously sanitised. Your mattress will be dry and ready for use in only three to five hours after the cleaning. Contact us and leave your mattress maintenance with Paul's Cleaning capable teams.

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    To have a better air quality not only in your bedroom but in your whole household, check our upholstery cleaning service. If you’re moving out soon you might want to take advantage of our end of lease cleaning.