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Gutter Cleaning and Downspouts Unclogging Services in Melbourne

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No more leaves and debris. Say goodbye to the clogged drainage system.
Paul’s Cleaners provide professional downpipe and gutter cleaning in Melbourne for domestic and commercial properties. Get back your healthy drainage system in no time.

Clean Gutters Means a Safe and Dry House

By cleaning your gutters you prevent a lot of potential problems including:

  • Overflowing and leaking gutters
  • Flooded roof and basement
  • Cracked foundations
  • Mold
  • Insect infestation and bacterial outbreaks
  • Roof fire (caused by dry leaves)

Why Book Paul’s Gutter Cleaning Services

Cleaning gutters regularly is crucial for preventing damage to your property. Depending on weather or not you have trees around your house, it should be done at least twice per year. By doing this, you will reduce the probability of water damage to your property and critters nesting in your draining system.
That’s why:

  • We will properly clean your gutters and downspouts.
  • You won’t endanger yourself by trying to do the cleaning.
  • You will save on costly repairs and prolong the life of your house.

What’s Included In The Service

Paul’s expert gutter cleaners have years of experience and will provide you with a service that’s both safe and efficient. The fully insured cleaners will use a ladder to climb and remove all leaves and buildups manually. Afterwards, using a leaf blower, they will blow any buildups from the gutters and downspouts.
Then they’ll rinse the gutters and flush the downspouts so you’ll have your whole water drainage system working as it should.
After the service, we will sweep all leaves, bag them, and thrown them away.

The gutter cleaning service is performed with no risk whatsoever and it’s unlimited in time. We have some of the most experienced technicians and they take all the safety precautions.

Our strong attention to detail is valued by our customers and that’s why they trust us to unclog their gutters.

Our Customers are saying

Paul's Cleaning Melbourne Annabelle Kirkcaldie -
I would never go back to doing all the housework on my own. It's much easier to leave the tiring jobs to Paul's team!
stars 4
Paul's Cleaning Melbourne Poppy Lilley -
"I have a wonderful driveway but due to the high traffic, it's pavers always look worn and shabby. Now, I book high pressure cleaning twice a year and this has...
stars 4
Paul's Cleaning Melbourne Elizabeth Hammond -
I needed end of lease cleaning and I decided to use this company. The whole booking process went very smoothly and I was extremely happy with the outcome. They...
stars 5
Paul's Cleaning Melbourne Matilda Boake -
Having a housekeeper do the hard domestic chores is amazing. I have more time to chill out on the weekends - that's for sure!
stars 5
Paul's Cleaning Melbourne Jayden Austin -
Our house renovation took so long and was so tiresome, we really couldn't bother dealing with cleaning up the mess afterwards. Thankfully, we got so lucky...
stars 5
Average rating 4.6 out of 5 based on 5 reviews

Your gutters and downspouts are in good hands. Wait no longer! Simply book online or call us now to get your free personalized quote!


Q: Do you have the necessary insurance coverage?
A: Yes, we carry full public liability insurance at all times.

Q: How do I know my gutters have to be cleaned?
A: We recommend to have them cleaned at least twice a year–once in the late spring and once in the late summer/early fall.

Q: How long does gutter cleaning take?
A: Properties differ, so putting an exact time frame to the gutter cleaning job is impossible.