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Why do you need professional hard floor cleaning?

Abrasive surfaces are much harder to clean because even if you mop them, dust and grime particles get stuck in the tiniest grooves or in the grouting. And even if you regularly mop your floors, in time they will lose their appeal and look dirty. What's worse, scrubbing won't do the job, either.

The way to go here is to book a professional hard floor cleaning service. Equipped with the proper tools, solution, and experience, the hard floor cleaners will tailor the service your floor needs.

The cleaning technicians at Paul’s Cleaning Melbourne specialise in a range of floor cleaning services – from tile and grout cleaning, timber floor cleaning all the way to stripping, sealing, and buffing.

Why leave your hard floor cleaning to Paul's cleaners?

Trusting us with your hard floor cleaning will get you a tailored service, designed to fit the specific type of floor you have. We have all the equipment and detergents necessary - rotary machines with appropriate pads, tile and grout cleaning machine, wet vacuum cleaners, mops, clots, etc. to deliver the quality you're looking for. And so, our professional hard floor cleanse will restore the original look of your floor and increase its lifespan. The hard floor cleaning service you get consists of:

  • Inspecting the type of floors you have and determining the best method
  • Vacuuming the floors so any large particles are removed
  • Spraying specialised cleaning solutions over the area that will be cleaned
  • Scrubbing the solution into the floor, and if the floor is wooden, the cleaners use drive pads to better apply the solutions
  • Rinsing the floor to remove the solutions along with all the dirt and drying thoroughly if needed
  • Applying a protective layer if requested
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Hard Floor Cleaning Machines

It’s next to impossible to effectively wash hard floors with mop alone, no matter if they are tile, stone concrete or timber. That’s why the technicians use special methods and professional machinery to cleanse and restore your hard floors. The various cleaning methods we employ can be used on all kinds of tiles – marble, ceramic, granite or terracotta, as well as on concrete and most sealed timber floors, like hardwood, vinyl and laminate.

The highlight of the hard floor cleaning service is our equipment. To cleanse your hard floor of the dirt buildups and protect it from contaminants for longer, there is a cleaning machine, using hot water, high pressure and rotary pads. That piece of equipment easily dissolves buildups and extracts them, leaving your floor shining spotless.

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Alongside the hard floor cleaning, you can book a window cleaning service or pressure cleaning so that your driveway or fence looks as good as the tiles inside.

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