Cozy Bedroom Design Ideas To Refresh Your Mood

POSTED ON May 26, 2021

Photo by Nick Page on Unsplash

If there's any word that defines an attractive and luxurious bedroom design, it's coziness. People want to feel relaxed and comfortable when spending time in their bedroom, so that should always be part of the design goal for this room.

Making your bedroom into a cozy haven for relaxation is easier said than done, however. There are plenty of details that you need to pay attention to that might affect your mood negatively if they aren't integrated well with the design. If you're looking to up the coziness factor of your bedroom, you should check out a few of the ideas we've come up with to help you with this goal.

Apply a fresh coat of paint

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When you're designing a room, it's best to start with the biggest surfaces—the walls. If you're tired of your old paint job or just want to freshen up your space with a new colour, repainting the walls should be your next move. The question is—which colour do you go with for your new bedroom oasis?

It's no small decision, either. Colour has an enormous impact on our state of mind. You can choose various colours depending on the mood you want to set. Some are more obvious than others. Blue, for example, evokes feelings of calm and relaxation. Green gives off a natural vibe that goes well with a lot of plants. Yellow is considered more cheerful and energetic.

It gets more complicated when you factor in colour combinations and patterns. Most people don't choose a uniform and monochromatic look for their bedrooms—though this isn't necessarily a bad idea, either. Combining various colours will create unique moods that will help bring more personality to your room.

You can go with complementary colours or create interesting contrasts. There's no exact science that can help you pick out the perfect cozy colour palette, but you can get a little bit of inspiration from the internet and home décor magazines.

Start de-cluttering

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There are few things as depressing as walking into your bedroom and seeing that it's filled with clutter and unnecessary stuff. Cleaning up doesn't always do the trick, as you still might feel that the room is filled to the brim. Oftentimes, the problem is that there's too much stuff that you consider important for the room’s décor, even though it might only be cluttering it.

Parting with these items can be a difficult, but necessary change. Think about all the things that seem out of place or in excess when you look at your bedroom. It shouldn't be hard to spot the things that stand out in a bad way. Now, removing them is another story.

The best way to handle this step is to plan and prioritize. Consider only keeping things that you consider meaningful, as long as they go with the rest of the room's design. Keep it sparse, and don't leave any random books lying around on tables and nightstands. Even if you intend to read them, it's best to keep them on a shelf, where they belong. Create a special box or drawer for things you use daily but don't want to lie around. It's going to help you organize everything to your liking.

Add a natural touch

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A little nature goes a long way in improving the mood in any room in your home. Plants are an integral part of every single kind of home design. Whether you choose green, leafy plants or flowers with vibrant colours, you can be sure that they'll make your bedroom look cozier. However, it's not just the look that makes a difference. 

Plants have been proven to have a positive effect on our mental health. Studies show that workers in offices that have leafy, green plans feel less stress and anxiety compared to those that work in completely barren ones. The way this works isn't completely understood, but it's possible that being around plants makes us feel like we're in nature. 

This same logic applies to houseplants as well. You'll want to introduce a couple of potted plants to your bedroom. The best part is that there are countless options to choose from, no matter your tastes or preferences. You can add peace lilies, English ivies, corn plants, snake plants, and many other charming greens to a corner of your bedroom, or you can put them on shelves if you want. If you don't have a green thumb and don't like taking care of plants—there are plants for that too! Succulents aren't difficult to take care of and they look just as gorgeous as any other houseplants. Whatever you choose, you can be sure that it will mesh well with your room's design.

Play around with the lighting

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A room's design is only as good as the lighting that illuminates it. You'd know this if you've ever entered a room with a single overhead light with a colour that doesn't go well with the furniture or overall look. 

That isn't to say that overhead lights are bad in any way. However, having a single simple ceiling lamp or chandelier for your bedroom won't create a good atmosphere. You need to think of lighting in layers. Obviously, you should start at the top, with the overhead lights. Both lamps and integrated ceiling lights are good options. 

After that, it's worth considering task and decorative lighting. If you like reading books by your nightstand, you'll obviously need a lamp. Wall lamps can help you illuminate art on the walls or even cupboards. While they don't serve a particular function, they help make your room feel much cozier.

Use cozy details

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

To complete the cozy look of your bedroom, you'll want to introduce a few details that fit that description. When you think of coziness, there are a few things that come to mind. Pillows and bed sheets are a pretty good place to start. Choose materials that are soft and pleasant to the touch. It would help if they could keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Cotton is a good choice, though duvets filled with other materials work too. 

Comfortable seating options are just as important. While the bedroom is mostly used for sleeping, that's not all you'll be doing in there. You'll also want to sit down to read a book, check out things online, or just admire your room's gorgeous design in peace. Chairs rarely add to the bedroom's look, as they are a bit too practical. 

Consider going for a more creative and cozy option, such as a bean bag. What makes bedroom bean bags so great is that you can customize them to your liking. They're incredibly diverse compared to most seating options, especially when it comes down to colour and design. If you want something huge and cozy, a lounge bean bag would be your first choice. A fur bean bag can add extra personality to the room and make it feel even cozier. Alternatively, you can get a regular bean bag chair for reading, gaming, or even for work! They're easy to match with other décor items, so you shouldn't worry about lacking options that will fit in.

Block out the light

We've talked about bringing in extra light into your bedroom, but keeping it out is just as important. A good night's sleep necessitates as much darkness as possible. With how much light pollution there is in most cities, it's easy to figure out why so many people have trouble falling asleep. To keep that light out, you'll need to block your windows properly. 

Both curtains and blinds serve important functions for covering up your windows. Sometimes, you'll only want to let in a bit of light during the day, while obscuring the view from the people outside. This is where curtains come in. They can act as gorgeous details that complete a room's design while also letting enough light to create a good atmosphere. Plus, you can get them in various materials that can create a unique view when light passes through.

When it comes to keeping your room in the dark, blinds would be your best bet. They can obscure a little or a lot of light, depending on how you set them. If you need complete darkness, most blinds can take care of it. With them, you'll be able to get some good shut-eye in the dark every night. If you decide to use outdoor blinds, you'll need to learn how to clean and maintain them properly to keep them attractive and functional. The good news is that you can find guides for cleaning outdoor blinds in plenty of places online.


There's no shortage of changes you can make to your bedroom to make it into your personal little oasis. Whether it's the lighting, plants, or simple décor choices, it can feel overwhelming at times. However, you should always take it to step by step. Rome wasn't built in a day, and you shouldn't expect to transform your whole bedroom in one either. Make a few changes here and there, get rid of the clutter, and you'll be on your way towards making your room into a perfect cozy palace.