Amazing Tips To Clean And Maintain Your Outdoor Blinds

POSTED ON May 17, 2021

Want your outdoor patio blinds to look absolutely stunning all year round? It is essential to know how to properly clean and maintain them to enjoy maximum benefits.

Installing outdoor blinds requires substantial effort, time, and money. However, all these expenditures are one-time, and the benefits are worth every penny you spent.

You don’t want to stress yourself with the extra costs of fixing your blinds later down the track. Therefore we have prepared a guide enlisting amazing tips to clean and maintain your quality outdoor blinds.You don’t want to stress yourself with the extra costs of fixing your blinds later down the track. Therefore we have prepared a guide enlisting amazing tips to clean and maintain your quality outdoor blinds.

Cleaning And Maintaining Outdoor Patio Blinds

Outdoor patio blinds are a great modern way of turning your outdoor area into a space you can enjoy. Host weekend parties, protect your patio from rain and heat, or simply enjoy the unobstructed view without getting bothered by insects.

Taking steps to prolong the longevity of the outdoor blinds not only saves you money but maintains their aesthetic appeal as well.

Clear and tinted blinds need a little special attention.

Maintaining Clear And Tinted Outdoor Blinds

  • Don’t allow the accumulation of dirt and dust on the screens. Your outdoor blinds may become scratched during the rolling process.
  • Use a soft sponge or chamois and warm soapy water to regularly wash your outdoor blinds.
  • To avoid scratches refrain from using any harsh, abrasive cleaners for wiping your blinds.
  • When you roll up your blinds, ensure they’re free of creases.
  • Be gentle while operating your blinds. Don’t force the operating mechanism.
  • With shaded and opaque quality outdoor blinds, you can utilise your alfresco and patio area while maintaining complete privacy.
  • You need to maintain a similar cleaning schedule for your shaded and opaque blinds to enjoy long-term benefits.
  • Since shade and opaque blinds are much harder to scratch, these outdoor blinds need much less effort for care and maintenance. Although, you need to follow regular maintenance to improve durability.

Opening And Closing Your Outdoor Blinds

With manual and automatic operating systems, opening and closing outdoor patio blinds is extremely easy and seamless. But the question remains- What is the ideal position to keep your blinds? Should you keep them extended or rolled up?

  • Outdoor blinds are meant for continuous usage. Therefore, it is recommended to keep them extended for most of the time. However, there are specific instances where you need to keep them in a particular position.
  • Instantly roll up your blinds during heavy gusts or high winds. Leaving your blinds extended during extreme weather conditions can damage your blinds and property as well.
  • After cleaning your blinds, keep them in an extended position and let them dry. Before rolling or retracting your blinds, ensure they’re completely dry. Any moisture buildup can damage the blind material and also void your warranty.

How To Ensure Durability Of Your Outdoor Patio Blinds?

Brush Regularly With a Soft-bristled Brush

Mildly brush both sides of your outdoor patio blinds with a soft-bristled brush. This will remove any mould stains caused by dust and eliminate any accumulated debris.

Depending on your area of residence and the amount of pollution, perform this cleaning routine weekly or monthly.

Avoid hard or vigorous brushing as it may cause damage to your outdoor blinds and lead to early wearing. Brush gently just to remove the grime without resulting in long-term damage.

Don’t Use Harsh Chemicals

It is also crucial to refrain from using harsh chemicals such as solvents, strong detergents, or any other cleaning fluid that you believe may do a better job at removing the stains.

Strong chemicals can weaken the strength of blind material and tarnish the colour. For transparent blinds, harsh materials can result in scratches on the blind screen.

If you need to use a cleanser to remove tough stains, ensure to use chemical-free organic cleaning fluid. Natural cleansers gently remove stains without harming the material of your blind.

You may also connect with your manufacturer or dealer of outdoor blinds online to know about the cleansing fluids and methodology.

Refrain From High-Pressure Cleaning

High-pressure cleaning methods such as high-pressure washers or cleaning with a rotary brush can cause your outdoor patio blinds to fray or wear out very quickly. Stick to gentle cleaning methods and avoid reinstalling new blinds soon.

Clean Stains Immediately And Prevent Discolouration

Outdoor blinds in Melbourne are subject to far more dirt and dust exposure than your interior blinds and other window treatments.

Clean the stains (mud, bird droppings, mildew, accidental spills) immediately when you see them, in order to avoid stubborn and permanent stains.

Keep Your Blinds Rolled Down After Cleaning

Once you’ve washed your blinds, don’t retract them. Keep them in an extended position. This will ensure all the moisture has dried up. Make sure your blinds are completely dry before you roll them up.

Even after rain, extend your outdoor patio blinds and let them dry completely. This will reduce the chances of mould or fungal growth.

Clean The Blind Tracks

Some blinds come with tracks on the side where the blind runs in. To maintain smooth operation and prolong the lifetime of your outdoor blinds, it is vital to keep these tracks clean.

Do a thorough cleaning every month. Clean any dust, grime, or dust accumulation with a soft, damp cloth and let tracks dry. Finish off by applying a lubricant.

Sometimes debris might get stuck, affecting the movement of your blinds. Don’t force your blinds to move. Remove the debris and then operate your blinds.

Removing Tough Stains - Step-By-Step Approach

If your outdoor patio blinds have tougher stains:

  • As mentioned earlier, use an organic cleanser or mix a weak concentration of household detergent in lukewarm water. Maintain a ratio of 1:20- one part detergent to 20 parts water. Ensure to avoid detergents with solvents!
  • Use a light cloth or sponge to scrub the blind material.
  • Rinse off any soap residue with fresh cold water.

Take Proper Care And Ensure Durability

Regularly tending to your outdoor blinds ensures you’re enjoying the most out of your investment. 

Prolonged neglect of the product could potentially result in damage and early wear to the material of your blinds and may even shorten its lifespan.

With regular care and maintenance, you’re ensuring years of trouble-free protection from the sun and the harsh weather. Use our guide to keep your outdoor patio blinds functioning smoothly.

For any care and maintenance queries, you can always get in touch with the manufacturer.