Expert Roadmap to Rental Bond Back: An A-Z Guide

POSTED ON October 2, 2023

As you pack up memories and prepare for new adventures, the end-of-lease cleaning ensures you leave on a high note. Whether you scrub and mop yourself or hire experts, the goal remains a clean property, a returned bond, and a stellar tenant reputation.

The A-Z Blueprint for a Successful Move-Out:


Ensure all kitchen appliances that are part of the property, including the oven, refrigerator, and dishwasher, are thoroughly cleaned and free from grease or food particles.


Disinfect and scrub all surfaces, including the toilet, shower, tiles, and sink. Ensure mirrors are streak-free.


Vacuum thoroughly. Consider hiring professional carpet cleaners for a deep clean, especially if there are stains.


Check all sinks and showers to ensure drains are clear and free from blockages.


Clean balconies, patios, and any outdoor areas associated with the property.


Light fixtures, handles, and faucets should be wiped down and polished.


Remove personal items, sweep the area, and ensure no oil stains.


Often, high-traffic areas ensure hallways are free from scuffs and are mopped or vacuumed.

Inside Drawers and Cabinets

Empty, wipe down, and ensure they are free from debris or leftover items.

Louvered Windows

If the property has louvred windows, ensure each slat is cleaned.


Remove all personal decorative items and ensure shelves or display areas are dusted.

Laundry Area

Clean the washing machine, dryer, and any associated areas, removing lint and debris.


Check for mould, especially in damp areas like bathrooms, and clean accordingly.

Nooks and Crannies

Ensure hidden spots and corners in all rooms are dusted and cleaned.

Outdoor Furniture

If included in the lease, ensure it's cleaned and free from cobwebs or debris.

Pest Control

Especially important if you have pets. Consider a pest control treatment to ensure no critters are left behind.

Quick Repairs

Address minor damages or wear and tear, like small holes in walls or loose handles.


Ensure all trash is removed from the property and bins are cleaned.

Storage Areas

Clean and empty any storage areas, sheds, or attics associated with the property.


Clean and polish tiles in the kitchen, bathroom, or other areas.


Vacuum and clean any upholstered furniture that's part of the lease.


Ensure air vents and exhaust fans are dust-free and functioning correctly.


Clean both inside and out, ensuring they are streak-free. Remember windowsills and tracks.

X-tra Attention to High-Traffic Areas

Spaces like the living room and kitchen may need extra cleaning due to frequent use.


If the property has a yard, ensure it's mowed, weeded, and tidy.

Zero Leftovers

Double-check every room to ensure no personal items are left behind.

By following this A-Z roadmap, you'll ensure every aspect of the property is addressed, maximising your chances of a full bond return and leaving a lasting impression as a responsible tenant. Safe travels to your next home! 🌟

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