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Pick the Right Cleaning Company, Spend Your Spare Time Wisely

Home Cleaning ServicesClearly you need the help of the professionals and right now you’re probably asking yourself “why these guys?”. It’s pretty simple – because our cleaners are reliable, experienced and have the skill set to handle the cleaning of your home or office. You can see for yourself what other satisfied customers have to say about us on our Reviews page, don’t just take our word for it.

We’ll take the burden of cleaning off your shoulders. So while our Melbourne-based cleaners take care of your household you can relax and spend some quality time with your family for instance. Or you can put the extra time and energy you’ve got on your hands into something else you love doing.

Our Customers are saying

Paul's Cleaning Melbourne Sarah Jardine -
I must confessed I was doubtful about allowing strangers to clean up my home but it was absolutely worth it! Now, I am Paul's regular customer!
stars 5
Paul's Cleaning Melbourne Levi Nuyts -
My wife is happier. I don't get nagged at for not helping with the chores. It's been a blessing having pro cleaners to help out!
stars 5
Paul's Cleaning Melbourne Cecilia -
Paul's Cleaning were great! We had an emergency, we called them up and they did a great job!
stars 4
Paul's Cleaning Melbourne Darcy Foxall -
I have a sparkly clean home and more free time than ever! What more can one need!
stars 5
Paul's Cleaning Melbourne Annabelle Kirkcaldie -
I would never go back to doing all the housework on my own. It's much easier to leave the tiring jobs to Paul's team!
stars 4
Average rating 4.6 out of 5 based on 5 reviews

Have Your Home Squeaky Clean Without Lifting a Finger

No worries, we’ve got it all covered. The only thing you have to do is hire us. And doing that is as easy as 1-2-3 because you have plenty of options. You can contact our customer advisors right now with one easy phone call, fill in our callback form at the end of the page or even start a chat with our friendly operators. With us you have the freedom to choose whichever option you’re most comfortable with.

house cleaning servicesWhether you’re looking for a one-off cleaning or a constant upkeep of your home and office, we at Paul’s Cleaning Melbourne are ready and capable of helping you out. Besides the pleasing results, you’ll also get:

  • Maximum cleaning effect – minimum disruption to your daily routine
  • Same day service for urgent situations – NO extra charges
  • Flexible booking hours – fit us whenever suits you
  • Cleaning sessions available on weekends & public holidays – the price always stays the same
  • Human-friendly detergents – because your health and safety matters to us
  • New weekly bargains – excellent cleaning service for less money

Your Home Will Get the Attention it Deserves

Our seasoned professionals will go beyond the call of duty to cater for all your cleaning needs. Count on them to sanitise every centimetre of your home, including the most problematic areas which other cleaning companies often neglect.

  • Kitchen – They’ll vacuum and mop the floors, dust all surfaces, wipe the worktops and cupboards
  • Bathroom – Sanitise the tiles, toilet, shower and sink, clean the mirrors and light fixtures
  • Living areas and bedrooms – Wipe all surfaces, mirrors, tables, shelves, etc. Empty the bins, perform a general tidy up, do the laundry, change the linens and even the ironing.