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Additional cleaning services to book with your upholstery cleaning in Deepdene DC

One-off cleaning

With this flexible service, you can specify how many cleaners are needed for the job, as well as how long it will take. You may want to take advantage of spring cleaning to deep clean a few rooms or to complete certain tasks throughout your property.

Mattress cleaning

We offer mattress cleaning services to reduce allergy risks caused by dust mites. Our hot water extraction treatment also removes challenging stains, dirt, and dead skin flakes. Additionally, you can avoid bacteria and unpleasant odours by regular professional cleaning.

Window cleaning

It is dangerous to balance on a ladder while squeegeeing upper-story windows. An experienced professional could perform this service much more safe for you. By using an extendable pole that is fed with purified water for window cleaning, a smart overall finish is easily achieved. Purified water eliminates the need for cleaning products, which is great for the environment.

Oven cleaning

Grease and grime can easily build up on ovens, one of the most commonly used cooking appliances. Are you satisfied with the performance of your oven? We will deep clean it both inside and out, including all removable parts, and in between the glass panels of the oven door. Enjoy your tasty and healthier food by booking our expert oven cleaning service in Melbourne.

Our upholstery cleaning process in Deepdene DC in detail

In order to achieve quality results, we follow a proven upholstery cleaning procedure.

Upholstery assessment

We'll have our cleaners show up at the scheduled time and put on their overshoes. The best cleaning technique for the upholstery will be determined after a quick inspection. A cover sheet will be placed around the furniture before it's cleaned. This way, water and detergent will not end up in the wrong place.

Stain pre-treatment

To remove any debris or hairs from the upholstery before the main cleaning process, a deep vacuum cleaning will be conducted by one of our upholstery cleaning professionals. To make the stain removal easier, they will inspect any visible stains, test the pH of the stain and apply a pre-cleaning detergent.

Upholstery steam cleaning

Hot water extraction (HWE), rotary bonnet machines, and furniture cleaning extensions are what professional fabric cleaners use. The most common cleaning method we use is hot water extraction. It involves cleaning your furniture with an industrial-grade machine that injects hot water mixed with detergent deep into the fibres. The cleaning extension removes all the dirt, soap, and water, leaving your furniture almost dry afterwards. For delicate fibre upholstery, we perform dry cleaning with rotary bonnet machines. Specialised powder bonds with dirt and an industrial vacuum cleaner collect the mixture. Our company also offers leather upholstery cleaning with specialised detergents.

Furniture after-care

You will be able to use your furniture within six to twelve hours after the cleaning procedure. We will share with you some tips on extending the life of your upholstered furniture with the help of our professionals. For a small additional fee, you may also choose to protect your fabrics with Scotchgard. If you wish to protect your upholstery for up to six months from water damage, you may add this service to your booking or ask your cleaner for it.

Why trust Paul's upholstery cleaning in Deepdene DC

Your upholstery cleaning service will deliver more than you expected!

  • Upholstery cleaning experts you can trust - Professionals can clean even the most delicate upholstery. Their services are completely reliable.
  • Reference vetted upholstery cleaners - Although you may not know your technician, we do. All of the individuals we send to you are trustworthy.
  • Well-maintained, professional-grade tools - Using top-grade equipment results in deeper cleaning, reduced drying times, and fewer fibre damages.
  • Effective upholstery cleaning methods - For the best upholstery cleaning possible, we use hot water extraction machines.
  • Removes funky odours - You'll enjoy your upholstered items for years to come if you give it a regular deep cleaning.
  • Local experts - Correct cleaning is very unlikely to cause damage, but if there was a problem you'd be fully compensated.

Upholstery Cleaning Deepdene Dc coverage

The cleaning services we offer are tailored to meet your needs, regardless of whether you need them for your home or office in Deepdene Dc. You can count on Paul's local cleaners to restore your soft furniture to its original condition in no time.

Postcode coverage: 3103

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  • Do you offer fabric protectors for sofas?

    Yes, of course. Our operator or technician on site can provide you with a quote.
  • What happens if my upholstery is damaged by one of your technicians?

    Our company is fully insured, so you will be compensated should anything go wrong.
  • After upholstery cleaning, will there be a wet smell?

    It is possible for upholstery carpets to smell wet if it's been wet for too long. After the item has been professionally cleaned, open the windows or turn on the air conditioner to improve ventilation.
  • Will the stains be gone completely?

    The answer depends on the stain's age and whether it has been treated with other detergents. We will do everything we can to achieve the best results.

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