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Additional cleaning services to rely on with your carpet cleaning in Collingwood North

Leather cleaning

You can also restore and sanitise your soft furniture by using our upholstery and leather cleaning services. In order to clean furniture with natural, mixed-fibre, or synthetic fabrics, the cleaners use hot water extraction or dry cleaning machines. With industry-grade leather care products, leather seating furniture is reconditioned and restored.

Spring cleaning

You have to complete a number of tasks when deep cleaning your entire property. Your one-off cleaning checklist will be followed by Paul's cleaning team. What about those nasty stains on your carpets? With both services combined, your home will be spotless again!

End of lease cleaning

Is your rental home in the process of being vacated? Would you like help with your end-of-tenancy cleaning? Wouldn't it be nice to have Paul's Cleaning Melbourne assist you? Make your landlord happy with our professional end of lease cleaning. The property will be restored to its original state fast if you hire us to clean all the areas that need to be cleaned - from vacuuming and mopping to polishing furniture and cleaning the fridge.

Oven cleaning

During the cleaning process, your oven cleaner will dismantle the cooker and soak the removed components in a tank while cleaning the main body inside and out. In order to detail clean, rinse, and dry the rings, trays, and other parts, the grease is lifted from them. Your oven is reassembled, polished, and tested. It takes about an hour to clean a normal-sized domestic oven.

Our carpet cleaning process in Collingwood North in detail

In order to ensure the best result, your carpet cleaner cleans your rug in a systematic manner.

Prep work

At this stage, your carpet cleaner will inspect the carpet to make sure that any stains or traffic marks are pre-treated. We will also diligently vacuum the carpets to ensure that they are clean and healthy prior to the deep cleaning. Then, we begin the cleaning procedure.

Carpet pre-treatment

After that, an industry-grade vacuum cleaner will thoroughly vacuum your favourite rugs and carpets. A special stain removal detergent will then be applied to any stains and areas with high traffic.

Dry or steam carpet cleaning

Dry cleaning powder is used to clean delicate pieces that may discolour or shrink. Rotating brushes are used to work this into the rug. By bonding dirt and grease to the powder, it is easyer for the vacuum to remove them. Hot water extraction (HWE) is the preferred cleaning method for removing ingrained dirt, lift stains, remove trapped pollutants, and destroy pathogens. During the process, hot water and detergent are injected into the carpeting. Then the dirt and moisture are sucked out.

Carpet after-care

We can also apply Scotchgard Protector at the end to repel liquids and help prevent spills from becoming permanent stains on your carpet or rug. This will help ensure that they stays fresh and clean for a longer period. As a result, you will have cleaner carpets for months to come. What's more you will be able to maintain them easier.

Why trust Paul's carpet cleaning in Collingwood North

It is our goal to provide more than just carpet cleaning services to our beloved customers.

  • Cleaning techniques for all types of carpeting - There is no rug or carpet too big or too small for our services. Both wet and dry cleaning are available.
  • Insured carpet cleaning experts - Correct cleaning is very unlikely to cause damage, but if there was a problem you'd be fully compensated.
  • Care for your home and health - Our eco-friendly carpet cleaning products and techniques are safe for people, pets, and especially for your sensitive or allergic members.
  • Maintain your carpet warranty - It is common for carpet manufacturers to require proof that the carpet has been cleaned professionally on a periodic basis in order to validate the warranty.
  • Services for domestic or commercial premises - Paul's Cleaning Melbourne provides carpet cleaning services for both commercial and residential properties (or tenants).
  • Premium technology used - For the best carpet cleaning possible, we use hot water extraction machines.

Carpet cleaning Collingwood North coverage

Whether your office or home in Collingwood North needs professional cleaning, we are always ready to help. The local cleaners will arrive quickly to restore your place's immaculate cleanliness.

Postcode coverage: 3066

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  • If one of your technicians damages my carpet, what happens?

    Our insurance covers you 100% in case anything goes wrong.
  • Will there be a wet smell after carpet steam cleaning?

    Wet carpets could smell wet if they have been wet for too long. To improve ventilation, open the windows or turn on the air conditioner after a carpet has been professionally cleaned.
  • Do you move furniture?

    We usually send only one technician to clean carpets. Our team can help you move light furniture, and if no furniture can be moved, we will clean around it and underneath as much as we can.
  • Will I be charged if we reschedule or cancel carpet cleaning booking?

    If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please give us at least 24 hours' notice. Otherwise, a cancellation fee will apply.

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