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Useful Resources for the Cleaning Industry

All cleaning companies operating on the Australian market have to comply with various laws and industry-approved standards, which ensure the high quality of the services and the safety of both clients and the technicians working in the cleaning sector. Paul’s Cleaning Melbourne, just like every other licensed cleaning contractor, follows strict protocols and safety codes, in order to provide Melbourne residents with the safest and highest quality of house cleaning services.
Australia has always been an environmentally inclined country country, and there are many environmental and industry associations, which assist businesses in achieving compliance and higher quality of service. Here are a few of them:

Environment Protection Authority Victoria

EPA Victoria logoThe Environment Protection Authority Victoria(EPA Victoria) has an important role – to regulate pollution. They have independent authority to make regulatory decisions under the Environment Protection Act of 1970. EPA’s goal is to create a healthy environment that supports a liveable and prosperous Victoria. By constantly regulating pollution in Victoria, they strive to deliver clean air, safe land, healthy waterways and minimal disturbances from noise and odour for all Victorians.

The National Asthma Council Australia

The National Asthma Council Australia logoThe National Asthma Council Australia is the national authority for asthma knowledge and setting the standards for asthma care, as well as reducing the health, economic and social impacts of asthma. They are a not-for-profit charity based in Melbourne. They have a small staff, but they work with a national network of leading health professionals dedicated to asthma and related respiratory conditions.

Australian Institute of Refrigeration Air Conditioning and Heating

Australian Institute of Refrigeration Air Conditioning and Heating logoThrough constant professional development and accreditation programs, as well as a great range of industry publications both online and offline, AIRAH has earned a positive reputation for developing the competence and skills of industry practitioners, by helping them meet modern society’s health, safety and environmental needs. AIRAH is one of the leading specialist membership associations for air conditioning, heating, refrigeration and ventilation professionals, and represents over 10,000 professionals across Australia. Formed in 1920, AIRAH is an inaugural member of the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) and the Australian Sustainability Built Environment Council (ASBEC), and collaborates closely with the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE). AIRAH also works closely with the Heritage and Sustainability Victoria and NSW Department of Environment.

Hygiene for Health

Hygiene for Health logoHygiene for Health is an initiative created by ACCORD Australasia. The website aims to inform people about the importance of good hygiene, both personal, home and workplace, and about the dangers poor hygiene can have for homes and families. Some of the things they cover include common infectious diseases caused by bad hygiene, history of hygiene, how life expectancy has changed thanks to hygiene reforms, how to maintain your homes clean, some interesting graphs and and statistics on the topic, and more. It’s a very good resource which can help people maintain their home in a germ-free condition.

Wash Wise

Wash Wise logoAnother great initiative by ACCORD Australasia, Wash Wise educates people on proper laundry techniques and tips. According to their website, by taking a WashWise approach to laundry, benefits range from a healthy lifestyle, to conserving and protecting valuable environmental resources, to saving money and time. There are many specific tips in there, from choosing a laundry machine to choosing a detergent and how to wash clothes properly.

Clean Up Australia

Clean Up Australia logoThe Clean Up Australia project started back in 1989 as a small initiative by Ian Kiernan, an Australian builder and solo yachtsman. He had the idea to make an environmental difference in his own neighbourhood – Sydney Harbour. This simple, but genious idea quickly grew into what it is today – the nation’s largest community-based environmental event, Clean Up Australia Day. In the last 29 years, Australians have devoted more than 32 million hours towards the environment and have collected over 288,000 tonnes of rubbish. The next logical step was to take the concept of Clean Up Australia Day to the rest of the world. After gaining the support of the United Nations Environment Programme, Clean Up the World was launched in 1993.

Australian Cleaning Contractors’ Alliance

Australian Cleaning Contractors Alliance logoThe Australian Cleaning Contractors’ Alliance is an institution which provides a wide range of services and trainings for small and medium sized companies in the cleaning industry. At ACCA companies receive all the help and assistance they need in order to expand their skills and portfolios, and become more profitable and successful. They have many consultants, some of which have been in the cleaning business for over 30 years, and can provide valuable assistance.

Australian Organisation for Quality (Queensland) Inc.

Australian Organisation for Quality logoAOQ-QLD is a non-profit organisation, which operates for the benefit of the industry and the community, as well as for all its members. They provide professional services, as well as a wide range of training courses, consulting and mentoring services for individuals and organisations seeking business growth and excellence.


Specialised Restoration and Cleaning Professionals

Specialised Restoration and Cleaning Professionals logoSpecialised Restoration & Cleaning Professionals is a registered trade association, which represents the carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and restoration industries. Their main goal is to help improve the level of professionalism, education, training and continuous technical development of the industry, while providing consumers with the sound knowledge that employing the services of a SRCP member represents quality and professionalism.

Australasian High Pressure Water Jetting Association

Australasian High Pressure Water Jetting Association logoThe Australasian High Pressure Water Jetting Association (Ausjet) is the main representative body of the industrial services industry, and has members all across Australia and the world. Ausjet is a member-based non-profit organisation. It was founded in 1996 in Western Australia, after a series of serious injuries associated with the use of high pressure cleaning equipment in the industry. The Association has a wide range of members from the industrial services industry including end users, contractors, suppliers, equipment manufacturers and a range of support industries.

Other Australian and International Industry Associations, Organisations and Events:

https://www.awa.org.au/ – Australian Window Association
https://www.issa.com/trade-shows/ – ISSA Clean Buildings Expo 2019 – Australia
https://www.restorationindustry.org/ – Restoration Industry Association
https://www.iicrc.org/ – Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification
https://www.accc.gov.au/ – Australian Competition & Consumer Commission
http://www.cleanocean.org/ – Clean Ocean Foundation
http://accord.asn.au/ – Accord Australasia
https://nadca.com/ – National Air Duct Cleaners Association
https://www.safeworkaustralia.gov.au/ – Safe Work Australia
http://accii.com.au/ – Australian Carpet Cleaning Institute