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Cleaning Reviews

  • Paul's Cleaning Melbourne : Zoe Bale -

    To have sparkly clean windows at all times is important to me but I don’t have the time or energy to do it on my own. So, I use Paul’s services!

  • Paul's Cleaning Melbourne : Madison Pethard -

    It’s like having my very own fairy godmother. When I come home, everything is clean and tidy. I love having a housekeeper!

  • Paul's Cleaning Melbourne : Sophia Schramm -

    A cleaning lady comes to my home once a week and does all the cleaning. It’s great having her, so thanks, Paul!

  • Paul's Cleaning Melbourne : Tayla Climpson -

    Sisal rugs are incredibly hard to maintain. It’s a good thing I called Paul’s cleaners to do it on my stead.

  • Paul's Cleaning Melbourne : Joseph Hotchin -

    Hiring Paul’s team to clean my rugs is my little secret. My wife still believes I did the floor coverings myself. Thanks, Paul, for the amazing service!

  • Paul's Cleaning Melbourne : Darcy Foxall -

    I have a sparkly clean home and more free time than ever! What more can one need!


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