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Cleaning Reviews

  • Paul's Cleaning Melbourne : Milla Porcelli -

    I admit that I haven’t cleaned my oven in 7 months, so you can imagine how greasy it was inside. I have never seen such a professional cleaning of something so random as the oven. The cleaners were very thorough and did an awesome job. Now that I’ve had the cleaning service performed, my oven works much better. huge props to you guys!

  • Paul's Cleaning Melbourne : Madeline Nevile -

    I love Paul’s Cleaning Melbourne regular housekeeping service! I have health issues which make physical tasks like cleaning around the house difficult. But these guys are my lovely helpers. They come by every week and do all the scrubbing, mopping and vacuuming for me. They are great professionals and always in a happy mood, which so energizing.

  • Paul's Cleaning Melbourne : Cecilia -

    Paul’s Cleaning were great! We had an emergency, we called them up and they did a great job!

  • Paul's Cleaning Melbourne : Genevieve Lewisham -

    As a small business owner I know how important it is to keep all commercial spaces neat and tidy. As we can’t afford in-house cleaners, I rely on Paul’s team. They have never let me down!

  • Paul's Cleaning Melbourne : Elijah Birdseye -

    Clean windows and a happy wife – that’s all a man could want. With one phone call to Paul, I had my windows washed and my wife was thrilled about it!

  • Paul's Cleaning Melbourne : Laura A. Black -

    If you haven’t worked in a factory, you certainly have no idea how important hygiene is over there. I hired Paul’s team for a commercial cleaning job and they performed great. Now, they are our regular contractors.


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