5 Tricks for Surviving Your Major Kitchen Remodelling

POSTED ON February 22, 2021

Every time there’s any mention of any remodelling project, people get super excited. We mostly focus on the result and start picturing the part of the home already finished and beautiful. But we also forget just how stressful the entire project can be.

This is true when talking about the kitchen remodel, especially if you’re planning on redoing the entire space. Since the kitchen is the heart of every home, it’s understandable that you want to make it beautiful and functional. However, you will need to plan out the entire process carefully to ensure minimal stress and the best results.

Here are some useful tips from Pauls Cleaning Company (Melbourne),

1. Decide on Your Budget

First things first, when thinking about the kitchen remodel—or any other type of remodeling, really—you need to decide on your budget. Starting the project blindly will only cause unnecessary stress and delays. So, before you hire contractors and demolish your current kitchen, assess how much you can afford to spend on the remodel.

Here, you need to account for every single cost and not just the cost of your new kitchen furniture. Once you have a certain budget in mind, make sure you increase it by about 20%. This will be your contingency in case something goes astray.

2. Find the Right Contractors

Once you’ve determined your budget, it’s time to look for contractors. Since the kitchen is the area of the home where there’s both electricity and plumbing involved, you shouldn’t try to tackle the remodelling on your own. Instead, look for licensed home builders or experts that specialise in this remodel and let them take care of it for you. Ideally, ask around and gather as many recommendations as you can.

Also, don’t settle for the first team you get a quote from, but shop around a bit. Since the price doesn’t always guarantee quality, you don’t really need to go with the most expensive ones.

3. Hire a Cleaning Company to Help

Remodelling projects are always messy and sometimes you have a kitchen not cleaned for a month. After the contractors finish their part, you’re bound to end up in a room full of dust, debris and overall mess. Cleaning that mess can be time-consuming if you tackle it on your own.

That’s why consider hiring a reputable cleaning crew to help you out. These experts offer a flawless service that matches your needs perfectly, and they’re time-efficient.

So, why not make things easier on yourself?

4. Choose your new cabinets

When all the rough work is done and you leave your new kitchen spotless, it’s time to bring in new kitchen furniture and elements. There are a lot of options on the market you can choose from, which may make the selection process overwhelming. There are many home improvement blogs that offer amazing solutions and interior design ideas that would fit your home perfectly.

But, if you’re looking for fully customisable kitchen elements that will enable you to assemble them however you please, look into various flat pack kitchen cabinets. These are not only very sleek and modern-looking but they also allow you to come up with your own design and assemble them however you see fit.

4. Clean Everything Once More

Now that you have all of your furniture and appliances in place, it’s time to scrub the kitchen thoroughly once more. Even though the kitchen cleaning crew left you with a spotless space, it will leave you–once more—with some dust after fully assembling your kitchen.

Therefore, either hire the crew once more to again clean your kitchen thoroughly or do it yourself. This final scrub is important as it will provide you with a fresh and clean space you can start decorating and filling with your belongings.

5. Get Down to Decorating

Finally, when it’s all said and done, it’ll be time to get down to some fun decorating. Choose décor pieces based on the style and vibe of your kitchen, but make sure you don’t go too crazy. Your kitchen should look beautiful and stylish—sure—but it first needs to be functional.

So, instead of just overcrowding your new kitchen with tons of small trinkets, see if you can have some kitchen essentials serve a decorative purpose. Also, make sure that the place is well-illuminated. Since this is an area full of hot substances and sharp objects, you want to make sure you use opulent lighting to prevent any potential accidents from happening.

Although they may appear to be too simple, these tips will aid you significantly with a kitchen remodel. So, make sure you keep them in mind not only to ensure that everything goes smoothly but also to some time, money and—most importantly—nerves.